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Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles

Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles

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Illuminate Your Path with Enchanting Glow Pebbles!

Transform your garden, walkway, flower bed, or even your fish tank into a mesmerizing wonderland with these Unique Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles. These enchanting pebbles are designed to add a touch of magic and whimsy to your outdoor or aquatic spaces.

🌟 Key Features: 🌟

1️⃣ Captivating Glow Effect: These pebbles absorb sunlight during the day and emit a gentle and alluring glow for approximately two to three hours after full sun exposure. Watch as your garden or fish tank comes alive with a soft, luminous radiance.

2️⃣ Versatile Usage: Use your creativity to line your walkway, create mesmerizing borders for your flower bed, or add an ethereal touch to your fish tank decor. The possibilities are endless with these versatile glow pebbles.

3️⃣ Multiple Colors: Choose from a range of stunning colors, including mix, white, green, yellow, rose red, and blue, to match your unique style and preferences.

4️⃣ High-Quality Material: Crafted from photoluminescent pigment and premium resin, these pebbles are designed to withstand the elements while retaining their luminous charm.

🌟 Product Details:

  • Quantity: 25/50 pieces
  • Size: 2-3cm (0.78-1.18 inches)
  • Material: Photoluminescent Pigment + Resin
  • Glow Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours after full sun exposure

🌟 Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces: 🌟

Create a captivating and enchanting atmosphere in your garden, walkway, or flower bed with these mesmerizing Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles. Whether you're hosting an outdoor gathering or simply enjoying a peaceful evening in your garden, these pebbles will add a touch of magic and wonder to your outdoor environment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to infuse your surroundings with a soft and ethereal glow. Order your Glow Pebbles today and experience the enchantment of a radiant garden or a dreamy fish tank. Illuminate your world with these unique and captivating pebbles! ✨🌼

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